We have been raising pork for several years now and
have had rave reviews, converted customers that never
will go back to grocery store pork.  It is amazing!  It is
juicy, and tender.     
Our  pork is pasture-raised, with a little grain.  We use
old-fashioned Berkshire pigs.   They have good marbling
which helps to keep the meat from drying out during
cooking.  We DO NOT inject our pork with saline or brine
it.  This is an unnecessary practice with this breed and is
why we stopped buying pork from the grocery store.  We
use a processor that offers organic processing if

We sell whole and half hogs.  Whole hogs will give about
150 -165 lbs of meat.

Price: $1.75 per pound (l
ive weight ) + processing fees.  
  *  Processing fees subject to change
Buying whole and half animals can be very confusing.  Let us
show you an example of what you should expect, and do
some of the math.

Pork  Breakdown
$1.75 live weight
+ processing ($20.00 + $0.36/lb + $0.42/lb curing + $1.50/pk

A pastured Berkshire hog, fed grain:
250 lbs x $1.75= $437.50
+processing (175 lbs) = $126.00 (approx)
(Processing costs vary on your cutting instructions, amount
of curing, etc.)
Total price = $564
That’s 165 lbs of pork at $3.42/lb

A whole hog should give you*:
33 lbs of  Ham/Leg
28 lbs of Pork Chops
14 lbs of Ground Pork or Sausage
28 lbs of Bacon
7 lbs of Spare Ribs
26  lbs of Shoulder
Country Style Ribs and Ham Hocks
-not included in resource, so unsure of amount
*Estimates from Storey’s  A Guide to Raising Pigs.

All numbers are estimates of examples and will vary by individual
animal depending on size, % fat,  and other variables.  Pounds were
rounded to the closest number.  Prices are subject to change.  
Processing prices are subject to change.

Still have questions?  Ask  Anthony: