Our lambs are raised on lush summer pasture with their
mothers and finished in our specially planted grazing fields.  
They are never treated with pesticides.  They are
completely natural!  

We offer whole and half lambs for sale. Whole lambs
weighing between 110-140 lbs will yield between 40-50
pounds of meat.  They are just the right size for someone
curious about freezer meat.  In fact, one of our customers
ordered just one-half of a lamb her first year with us and
then ordered two whole the next.

Average Price....$2.00 per pound
(live weight)
                          plus processing fee estimated $68.00
  *processing fee subject to change
Would you like to know more about what you are
going to get?

Buying whole and half animals can be very
confusing.  Let us show you an example of what
you should expect, and do some of the math.

Lamb  Breakdowns
$2.00 live weight grain or grass finished lamb
+ processing ( approx. $68.00 )

Lamb Grass Fed
110 lbs x $2.00= $220.00
+processing fee = $68.00
Total price = $288.00
That’s approx. 40 lbs of lamb at $7.20 / lb

Lamb Pastured Grain
140 lbs x $2.00 = $280.00
+processing fee = $68.00
Total price = $348.00
That’s 50 lbs of lamb at $6.96 / lb

The 135 lb lamb should give you:
6   lbs of Loin Chops
5   lbs of Rack or Rib Chops
18 lbs  of  Leg of Lamb
15 lbs of Shoulder Roast
7   lbs of Ground Lamb

Information adapted from Storey’s A Guide to Raising Sheep

All numbers are estimates of examples and will vary by
individual animal depending on size, % fat, lbs of wool
and other variables.  Pounds were rounded to the closest
number.  Prices are subject to change.  
prices are subject to change.

Still have questions?  Ask  Anthony: